9 November 2015


Step 1.
Hello, You’re interested in going to work abroad. We invite you to contact us and arrange a meeting. In our office you will be able to obtain any information on the departure of current jobs and many others.
You can also take the first step by calling the contact number. Our consultants provide you with information on the whole process, required documentation before coming to the meeting and answer questions that each person has a ton of leaving.

Step 2.
During the meeting in the office or through the website, you can complete an application form which will allow us to match job skills held by you, certificates and preferences.
After completing the survey, (if you have chosen electronic form), send it by e-mail: biuro@getjob.com.pl

Step 3.
After receiving your filled questionnaire or after the first meeting in our database will be created, “Your Personal Profile Candidate”. This means that from now through our specialists will be sought predisposition corresponding to your work. The whole process depends on the season and current job offers. We try to make the waiting time for “GO” as short as possible.

Step 4.
When we find a suitable offer, you will be invited for an interview. At the interview we confirmed your experience and language skills (if such are required for a given offer).
What to bring with you to the meeting:
A) Identity Card
B) driving license (if you have one)
C) A criminal record
D) Certificate of contributions to health insurance (a prerequisite)
– You are unemployed (certificate can be obtained from the work)
– You are a working (you can bring your contract printing RMUA (to be issued by the employer at the request of the employee) or any other kind of confirmation of employment for a period of 30 days back)
E) bank account number
F) Proof of assigning Sofi * Burger Service Number
– If, it is your first trip you do not have to worry about, on-site Resident will help you to get your number in first few days.
– If you have a number, remember to take it with you, first print of BSN number is free, each additional (copy) will cost around 15 €.
G) Certificates (all kinds of certificates that raise your qualifications)
– Authorization to drive forklifts
– Certificate of the welder
– Certificate fitter
– etc.

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